"[Michael's] image could be in a conservative high-end men’s magazine. I say conservative, because it could be a magazine like Esquire and it could be an editorial absolutely or it could be an ad campaign for an ensemble. This is a credible fashion shot and yes, I would say the feature should be the bag, and the jacket perhaps." 
- Benjamin Kanarek, Photographer
Vogue Magazine
"[Michael's] military service to the United States is what truly makes him a remarkable young man. I recommend Michael without hesitation and I applaud his work as an active citizen in his community. I expect we will be seeing great things from him in the future."  
- Former United States Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, GA
"Like Michael is doing, it’s important in this time of isolation and uncertainty to continue to communicate, uplift each other, and share art with those around us." 
- Ashley Dawson 
BLOUDER magazine
"A popular voice on social media, Strollo gained his online following for his personal lifestyle and fashion modeling. He is an advocate for shining a light on ending modern day slavery and human trafficking as well as vocally addressing substance abuse and domestic violence awareness. Strollo is also known to highlight the National Suicide Prevention Hotline phone number [1-800-273-8255] across his digital platforms."
- Staff Reports 
Marietta Daily Journal 
"I know Michael has a clear vision to lead and I have full confidence that he will accomplish the goals he has laid out." 
- Former Congressman Jack Kingston, GA
"I am thrilled to see [him] so involved in [his] school and community and I hope Michael inspires others to seek involvement in local, state, and national government." 
- Former Governor Nathan Deal, GA
"I wish Michael the best of luck and I thank him for all that he does." 
- Former United States Senator Johnny Isakson, GA 
"It is rewarding to see young Georgians take leadership roles in their schools and communities. It is my hope that Michael's actions will inspire others." 
- Former Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, GA