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We partner with creatives and cinematographers to produce premier videos with HD quality and top-quality television audio, audio sampling and studio recording in order to display our talent to platforms.



Producers of our media division oversee collaboration with artists on lyrics all the way to sound recording, mixing and mastering. 


We envision our music producers as idea gatherers who select songs, propose changes to song arrangements, coach artists, and control in studio recording sessions with the goal to guide the content creation process. 


We have partnered with some of the most listened to radio stations across the country and have reached a wide variety of audiences. 


Our commercial audio encompasses sound recording, setup and mixing produced by sound engineers, audio engineers and audio technicians using audio mixers and sound reinforcement systems.


We specialize in the creation and development of large scale events including concerts, conferences, sporting events, festivals ceremonies and parties.  Our team studies your brand to identify target audiences in order to devise the event concept and coordinate technical aspects before launch. 


This may include overall event design, brand building, marketing, communication strategy, audio-visual production, logistics, budgeting, scheduling, negotiation, site selection, arranging speakers or entertainers, decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third party vendors and emergency plans.  


We work with highly skilled and industry professional directors, and producers to ensure success.

Social Media


Our team manages social media relations including artist and talent public relations, digital platform content creation and analytics research and reporting.

Public relations and press


Music publicity has changed drastically over the years and will only continue to evolve. 


We have cultivated relationships with online music blogs, writers, journalists, media representatives and podcast personalities to connect artists with their fans through the media. 


As representatives, publicists and media agents, our team manages booking, press, interviews, image, branding, and general inquiries for artists, talent and content creators.

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